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The Internet has revolutionized the way prospective customers are finding your business. Your going to need an internet marketing agency to keep you on track.

Phone books, print ads and direct mailers are relics of the past. The Internet and Social Media have turned marketing practices inside out to a local, social and on-the-go mobile world. Don’t be intimidated by the new marketing landscape. Embrace the fact that the web is the key to the success of your business. The Internet is here to stay, and things have changed. But don’t worry. Socially Buzzing is here to lend you a hand with professional, affordable, digital marketing solutions.


Responsive Design

Responsive web design allows us to build sites that provide an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices. It allows easy reading and navigation without the drudgery of resizing, panning, and scrolling, or the time and expense of building customized mobile apps for the major platforms. Our trusted web design team combines years of experience and will create a singular experience for your customers.

Local Search Marketing

Over 20% of searches have local keywords and even more searches have local intent. This is roughly 3 billion Google Search Queries every month that contained local terms (according to Comscore reports). With expert Local SEO and social media marketing services, we insist on high quality standards, long term marketing goals, and using the right tools for the job, so your local business can cast a big shadow.

Social Media Marketing

Social media sites may be free to use, but it takes a lot of time to build & nurture a truly engaged community. That’s where we come in. We’ll increase interactions, solicit feedback, field questions, manage customer service & identify brand advocates. Our digital social media marketing solutions consistently produce measurable results, so you stay connected to customers, & they stay connected to you.

Paid Search Marketing

Paid Search is a unique form of advertising: It can promptly identify the customers raising their hands, saying “I’m interested in your product or service”. Our paid search team is top-notch. We specialize in creating and optimizing online advertising campaigns that fit your company budget and achieve the maximum return on investment. Our mission is simple. See beyond now. Adapt, evolve, and constantly change.

Professional Photography

Newer social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are entirely image based, and they are catching on fast. Your target customers are on these platforms, and the only way you are going to reach them is with strong imagery on social media. Professional photography maximizes your potential value both offline and on. Our photographers will make you look your best with utmost respect to your image.

Content Marketing

Quality content is the key to unlocking the Internet’s full potential, and we’re not talking about Grumpy Cat Memes. The content we’re talking about is localized & makes you money.
With Socially Buzzing, you have an entire content marketing team. We’re your internet copywriter, graphic designer & digital marketing strategist all in one. We’re kind of like Bo Jackson. We do a little bit of everything, & we do it well.

We’re a small, agile internet marketing agency, and we’re available to our internet marketing clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Each new business is partnered with one of our talented account agents, who will work non-stop on your behalf.
We work to earn your trust by creating value, improving revenue and actively communicating the work we’re doing for you.

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Recent Clients

The proof is in the pudding. Check out some of our recent work.

Client: High on the Hill
Client – NKY Charity Night
Client: Automotive Key
Client: Cincy Vapors
Client: Maryland Computer Repair
Client: Mondo Uomo
Random: Logos
Random: Photography
Client – Cincinnati Dinner Train
Client – Ferguson Window Company
Client – Metallic Illusions
Client – JNJ Distribution
  • Socially Buzzing has successfully delivered several projects and services for our business. Their breadth and knowledge combined with their proven reliability qualifies them to implement complex projects and as such we recently granted them with the project of re-creating our website and introducing an online booking system into the website. All expectations met and exceeded. Thanks!

    Vicky Collins - Owner Cincinnati Railway Company



Our Process

Choosing Socially Buzzing for your Digital Marketing is creating a partnership. This partnership is our secret to success, and has never failed us or our clients.


We meet with you (the client), we familiarize ourselves with your business, your industry, and your marketing goals. We then involve the entire staff in a brainstorming session, don’t sleep for approximately a week, and come up with outside the box solutions for your business. 


Partnering with your business, we begin the development process. This is when we require the most involvement from you. Everything is iterated, and we seek a stamp of approval on every step of the process. 


The first 90 days of your time with us, we test incessantly. We split test, we test replicability, we test effectiveness, we test cost basis…we try everything under the sun, and we measure, measure, and measure again.  


Using the measurements we’ve taken, we implement a full bore, partnered marketing campaign. We work with you and your team on a bi-weekly basis to keep everything fresh, keep enthusiasm built, and push the limits of what is possible for your bottom line. 


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